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Our planet is unique and amazing and we must treasure it. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, “Earth Day” turned 50 this year. We usually commemorate this day with many activities in school every year. While the coronavirus lockdowns have restricted some of these usual activities this year, our educators devised innovative ways to mark the 50th anniversary of this important day dedicated to climate action. Students and educators went digital to celebrate the momentous day. The collection of fun activities, videos, songs and recorded audios enabled the children and their parents to observe Earth Day at home.
The students in Kindergarten were made aware of the importance of planet Earth and how their role is essential in keeping it clean. The students enjoyed informative videos and songs. They expressed their love and support towards planet Earth through a beautiful colouring activity on ‘Mother Earth‘. It was a great way to help them imagine the world they want to live in.
Keeping in mind the Earth day 2020 theme - 'Climate Action', the students of Class 1 used their creative skills to make colourful pictures, drawings and illustrations in support of environment conservation. They enjoyed singing along the Earth songs with online videos. Looking at the work of these tiny hands which they sent to their teachers through mails and whatsapp, one could easily feel their love for mother Earth, and the kind of place they want to live in the coming years. They wrote thoughtful messages on how they want to keep Mother Earth litter free, use cloth bags, and work towards saving water.
The students of Class 2 experienced Earth day through a special zero period blog. The prayers, songs and videos included in the blog, were specially chosen for Earth day and focused on ways to save planet Earth. The students also took a pledge and promised to use our natural resources wisely and stop wastage. Beautiful posters were made by the students about the importance of saving our planet Earth. Through an informative video on the story of Earth the boys had an enriching and learning experience.
The Class 3 students experienced insightful learning through various blogs. They were encouraged through visuals, audios and songs to do their bit in protecting our planet. Much light was thrown on the SDGs and the 5 R’s – rethink, reuse, reduce, recycle and refuse through the online learning content of the day. As a hands on activity, students made beautiful posters and felt connected to the environment. Also through ‘Best out of Waste’ videos, the students explored solutions to stop wastage and reuse things.
Some students, with the help of their parents, prepared lovely videos which had thought provoking messages on saving planet Earth which inspired others to protect the environment.
Thus, in these times of strife when our world is struggling against a pandemic, Earth Day once again reminded us that every single individual can make a difference and together we can create an impact.

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 20 May 2020 |