Junior School Events Detail


“ You can tell a lot about a person by their handwriting.”
-Pete Doherty

The lockdown has in a way come with an excessive use of digital media – computers, tablets, phones, etc., to read and write much of our school work

However, as a reminder about the significance of good handwriting, a ‘Handwriting Competition’ was organised on the 4th of May for Classes 1, 2 and 3 of the Junior School.

Adapting to the E learning paradigm, this competition too was held online. Each child was expected to write a short paragraph in beautiful cursive writing. The activity was conducted in the zero period as per the school timings.
The students were all charged up with their pencils and erasers, ready to present their best writing strokes. The parents were requested to post the pictures of the students‘ writing pages to the respective teachers.

Aimed at emphasising the importance of fine motor skills and concentration, this competition also encouraged the children to take pride in presenting their notebook work neatly.

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 21 May 2020 |