Junior School Events Detail

Title : GRATITUDE WEEK – IHW COUNCIL ( 2020-21 )

(1st July 2020 to 7th July 2020)

Participation by the Junior School Students

“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living”
– Albert Einstein

The Covid-19 outbreak has confronted the entire world with a crisis like never before, redefining the way we live our lives. In wake of this unprecedented calamity the medical community including doctors, nurses, health care professionals, paramedics and other medical staff have emerged as the true warriors who are fighting this disease on the frontline and putting their own lives at risk to keep us safe.

As the Covid-19 pandemic brought us all under the umbrella of humanity together, we at St. Columba’s came forward to support and participate in the Gratitude Week organised by the IHW Council to acknowledge the Corona Warriors. Our students came forward to present their heartfelt gratitude in the form of speeches, ‘Thank you!’ messages, poems, songs and paintings to honour the relentless efforts of health care professionals in safeguarding the lives of millions.

Their selfless service and dedication were applauded and appreciated by the young students in simple yet touching words. The little Columbans expressed themselves straight from their hearts, and surely went a long way in kindling hope and faith, that we shall soon tide over these trying times.

A total of 33 students participated in this endeavour and among them- Yohan Mervin, George Robin, Utkarsh Shukla, Ridhwan Jindal, Jayden Noronha, Reyansh Gupta and Aadarsh Dulait went live on Facebook during the Gratitude Week (1st July 2020 to 7th July) and paid tribute to these saviours of humanity. It was a great platform for our students to come forward in expressing their thankfulness to the ‘Corona Heroes’.

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