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Independence Day celebrations at school often mean a beautifully decorated campus in ribbons and balloons of the national flag’s colours, students proudly singing the anthem and looking forward to present some amazing dance and song performances. But this year, Covid-19 has made things different and added a twist to the 74th Independence Day celebrations. The fervour remains and the columban spirits remains unshaken , the students of St. Columbas’ School celebrated this special day, with great zeal on Aug 14, 2020 on a virtual mode

To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, Students of junior, middle and senior wings recited the patriotic songs that awakened everyone’s feelings towards our Mother Land. The students also performed a skit portraying relatable characters drawn from real-life talking to each other in a variety of lockdown-induced scenarios. The short speeches by the middle school students made us proud of our rich history . All of it displayed the ways to engage and help discover, the 'joie de vivre', and most importantly, discover a friend in you.

Students also showcased their dancing talents through a medley of songs 'rang de basanti, India Waale, teri mitti, challa etc. Our students added to this flavor by playing instrumenal patriotic music and reciting self composed poems which touched everyone's hearts. There was also a painting demonstration of the unity in diversity by a student of class 12, and the evergreen songs of india sung by the members of the music society.

At the end, Our principal, Br Miranda gave an overwhelming speech reminding the students and the teachers of the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters and made us take pledge that we would serve our motherland, India with heart, body, and soul to bring it glory and laurels with our dignified deeds. The assembly ended with our National Anthem by junior students with an added element this time in the form of displaying it via sign language which was engrossing to see.

Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.

Jai Hind

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 20 Aug 2020 |