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Title : COLUMBAN OPEN QUIZ (2020-21)

Amidst the Corona-virus pandemic and the strict modern norm of social distancing, it has been rendered impossible to conduct events in the same manner it has been conducted all these years. Given the impracticality of gathering hundreds of people in such a circumstance, we are taking a break from this decades long traditional experience. Everything is going online and how could have the greatest Quiz in North India not be a part of the movement. Quizzing should never stop, for it is a noble and lifelong pursuit of knowledge. This prestigious event took place from 15th August 2020 to 22nd August 2020. Unlike the COQ which is a General quiz throughout, the prelims for the Columban Online Quiz are split into 5 genres divided over 5 days. The split is as follows:

The India Quiz prelims
The MELA(Music, Entertainment, Literature, Art) Quiz
The Sports Quiz
The Biz Quiz
The Sci-Tech Quiz

DPS Noida (Asher Kaul & Advait Mishra) emerged victorious with Modern, Barahkhamba (Rijul Ganju & Shreyansh Krishna) following up. 

The Columbans that participated were Abhishek Sushil (12C), Aadithya Balachandran (12D), Harshiv Ganwani (12D), Yashvardhan Datt (12D), Neil Agnisharma (12E), Vatsal Gupta (12C), Abhyuday P Kalyani (12B), Rahul Bandhu (11D), Yashovardhan Aggarwal (12C), Manan Chichra (11C), Shaun Ramsey (10A), & Yashowardhan Chaudhary (9A).

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