Special Assembly Detail

Title : ONLINE ASSEMBLY BY 3 C ( 2020-21 )

On the beautiful morning on 19th of August 2020, the boys of Class 3 C had the privilege to conduct an online assembly. 

The students came together with much enthusiasm and began with a meaningful prayer followed by a short skit narrating a short story- ‘THE BLACK DOT’

Through this simple yet highly insightful story, the boys depicted how, we often tend to focus on our troubles and feel dejected.  However, the essence lies in focusing on all the blessings in our lives. Focusing on the positive aspects makes us feel grateful and gratitude leads to happiness.  

The story enactment was complemented by a melodious song which gave the morning a blissful start! 

The students surely encouraged one and all to face all situations with a smile on our faces and hope in our hearts. 
Mrs Kaushal further emphasised on the importance of staying positive and counting our blessings always.


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