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It was 1995 when I joined this prestigious institution and 25 years later, it feels like it was yesterday when I started my hundred foot journey from the large main gate to the classroom. Brother Parton was one of the first people to welcome me not just as a faculty member but also to the Edmund Rice family. He was the first Christian Brother I met and he changed my life – for the better – forever. I feel blessed to have had a mentor, guide, father figure, friend and above all a willing teacher like him, who still continues to inspire me. What started as a courageous endeavor as a Special Educator has metomorphosized me into being a class teacher and taking up different roles of responsibility including those of a Staff Representative and Coordinator of the Junior School. No teacher is complete without her students and I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of young, energetic and willing students. The classes may change so may the names and faces but the endearing smiles, the innocence in their eyes and the wondrous look on their faces remains the same and continues to motivate me.

Steve Jobs rightly said, “Work is a large part of life and the only way to be satisfied and do great work is to love your work.”  Being surrounded by young and earnest students has made me remain young in mind and spirit. I remain a student, constantly learning the lessons of life.  It is true that old memories are golden treasures but I still believe the best is yet to be, yet to come.

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