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“Knowledge, speech & advocacy are the greatest tools to solve all the grieves of the world” 

MUNs are a platform for young citizens and future leaders of the world to understand the world’s sufferings and successfully propose resolutions to curb the crisis at hand. This activity isn’t just about speaking your mind, but also about endless hours of research and critical thinking. To keep the enthusiasm and spirit of debating alive, St. Columba’s School organized the Columban MUN 2020. There were 9 committees in the MUN: UNGA, UNHRC, UNCSW, UNEA, UNSC, Lok Sabha, Citizens’ Dialogue, International Law Commission and International Press. The school hosted more than 200 delegates on an online platform this time with more than 10 school delegations participating. The best school delegation award went to Delhi Public School, Noida. The event required tireless efforts from several teachers, Ex-Columbans, Class 12 and 11 students. The 2 day conference took 2 months to prepare for. Amidst all the constraints and problems, the team with its earnest efforts made the grand event possible. 

Teachers-in-charge: Mrs Joseph, Mrs Garg, Mrs Payal, & Mr Vaz
Chief Advisors: Mr Varad Chaudhary and Mr Sambhav Sharma
Advisors: Mr Pravar Dennison, Mr Siddharth Jain, and Mr Raghav Sharma. 
Secretariat: Fabin Chandi, Harshit Kant, Jayant Jain, Tanush Goel, Aryaman Sehgal, Kushar Dev Chibber, Jot Singh, Dev Wahi and Nishant Sam. 


Organizing Committee: Ansh Gupta, Tanish Jain, Suryansh Govind, Aadit Mangla, Devyaan Arora, Shreyas Baksi, Albin Chandi, Divjyot Singh, Surya Garg, Madan Aggarwal, Shambhava Sood, Aditya Sebastian, Soham Kulkarni, M. Mohnish, Divye Kumar, Samarth Jain, and Pranshu Srivastava.

The following is the link to our MUN video  - 

Enjoy watching it!!!  

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