Special Assembly Detail


On 3rd Dec.2020, The Disability Day Assembly was presented to St. Columba’s School in the form of a short 5 minute video made by two students, Arjav Jain and Advait Mohanty from class 9-D. It began with the salutation and then a short conversation between 2 friends about the topic ,“Disability Day”. The conversation started with a definition. Then, we had Arjav talking about the events that have been initiated to promote the participation of "PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL ABILITY "so that they are not neglected in the society. Following that, Advait talked about a few people who have not let their disability become a barrier that prevents them from becoming what they want to be. The conversation ended with a moral lesson. After the conversation we had a 1 minute extract of a song ,“Fire in the rain” which tells people to look beyond their disability and consider them as a part of the society. Like any story, the moral is the most important part of the entire assembly. The moral of the video had maximum effect on its viewers and conveyed a very important message. 

TEACHER IN CHARGE  - Shashi kala Shaji

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 25 Jan 2021 |