Workshop Detail


On the wonderful morning of 26th March 2021, an Online Catechism Workshop was organised for the Junior School Christian Teachers. The orientation was conducted and led by Miss Grace David. The session started with a warm welcome note and an interesting PowerPoint presentation showcasing beautiful visuals like a burning candle, sunrise, a river flowing, birds flying, a man sitting on a cliff, etc. 

Thereafter the teachers were requested to choose any picture which they could spot a personal relationship with or could relate to in their daily lives. The follow-up discussion guided by Miss Grace David had teachers actively participating and reflecting about their lives and personal experiences.

This was followed by a discussion on LENT, in which much emphasis was laid on the CRUCIFIXION. The sharing session that followed encouraged the teachers to practice calm and patience in various uncertain life situations. 

Another important part of the session was when the teachers were divided into various groups where they discussed in detail how the last year had affected their faith and beliefs.  The teachers were encouraged to ponder over whether the unprecedented times have changed their image of God and to address the students’ understanding and relationship to God especially in this pandemic.

The session culminated in an interesting deep breathing activity where the teachers were motivated to breathe in the positivity of GOD, and exhale HIS love to people around HIM.

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