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Title : I READ THEREFORE I AM ( 2021-22 )

Rekindling the spirit of reading  by observing Book Week

‘A book is a gift you can open again and again’ – Garrison Keillor 

To celebrate the joy of reading books, St Columba’s School observed Book Week from 19th June to 25th June 2021. Reading pledge was taken on the 19th to commemorate the National Reading Day in honour of the father of India’s Library Movement, the late P.N. Panicker. There were a series of events conducted to rekindle the spirit of reading among the students. The Book Week commenced with a reading pledge. The students committed to become avid readers and explore the various genres of books. Various interactive activities and competitions related to books and reading were organized for the students throughout the week. Beginning with Bookmark Making, Tiny Tales Video, author interaction, and reading aloud were some of the many activities in which the students participated and showcased their literary skills. To conclude the reading week, a live quiz was conducted to assess the comprehension of the titles already read by our young readers. Reading hub was highlighted as a vital resource to explore a variety of texts. The theme of ‘Read and Grow’ was highlighted throughout the week. The programme received immense participation from class 4-10. 

Teacher Coordinator : Ms Gunjan Deep Kaur, Ms Ruchi Vohra
Ms Ranjana Chug

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