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Title : MR. OR MADAM SPEAKER ( 2021-22 )

Voix debate - a platform to express yourself better 

The Voix Debate , an organization with a vigorous thought to inspire this world and help express the inner voice conducted a Competition Workshop.

This inter school competition for classes 6-8 was a parliamentary form of debate wherein each team had 3 participants.

Jihaan Madhav Relhan , Aditya Balaji and Rudrapriyam, a team of our class 7 boys, known as the Rebuttal Trio participated in this 2 day competition workshop.

The team participated in 3 preliminary rounds on Day 1 and advanced into the quarterfinals on Day 2. Our team reached the Finals and they were Runners Up of the Voix Debate Competition Workshop 2021 in this inter-school competition.

Also, Jihaan Madhav Relhan was adjudged as the second best speaker of the competition.

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