Middle School Events Detail


Environment is ailing and Columbans are doing their bit in raising awareness and acting right. 

On World Environment Day, 5th June, this year, the teachers of SCS encouraged our students to spread awareness about our environment and what we can do to protect it. They also encouraged the students to plant a tree to mark this special day. 

To commemorate this special day, teachers and students of classes 8 to 10 organised a special assembly by presenting short films, powerpoint presentations, short videos, speeches etc. 

The event was kicked off with the United Nations message on Environment Day by Aarav Bansal of Class VIII-B. 

Avi Surana of Class IX-E then showed the school  a short film made by him, to spread awareness on the need to protect our environment.

Soon after, a powerpoint presentation by Shaun Steni of Class IX-E highlighted our mistakes which have caused harm to our environment. 

Sabeer Duggal and Karmanya Sharma of Class X-A, presented an e-collage and a video, to highlight the motto of World Environment Day.

The event culminated with a speech by Avi Sharma of Class X-E on Vishwa Paryavaran Diwas.

Teacher Coordinator :Mrs. Malini Mathur and Mr. Ashish Jaiswal

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