Middle School Events Detail

Title : A MOMENT OF PRIDE ( 2021-22 )

When Columbans achieve glory, our hearts rejoice 

A. Poetry at its best...

Christopher Gomes of Class 8 A, participated in the Inter School Munshi Memorial Competition and secured Third Position in Junior Category.

B. The Science Whizkid

Arjav Jain from class X- D made us proud  by securing FIRST RANK in All India Vidyarthi vigyan manthan conducted by CBSE for two successive years in row. He  also got selected in JSTSE and got 54th rank.  

C. Building the Scientific Temperament

Ten boys from middle school (classes 7-10) participated in a science competition conducted by Australian Science Innovation. The results are as follows :- 

Credit              Syed Taseer Abas

Credit               Vansh Wadhawan

Participated    Tanishq Virmani

Participated    Aron Aldrin

Participated    Samden Sherpa

Participated    Jeremiah Aristotle

Participated    Saksham Arora

Distinction      Arnav Trivedy

Participated    Anshpreet Singh

Participated   Aashman Tiwari

Teacher Coordinator : Mrs. D. Kumar

D. The Young Warrior Movement 

Our students participated in the young warrior movement, an initiative of CBSE in collaboration with UNICEF. They  completed 5 competitive virtual tasks, centred around the theme COVID-19. They have been awarded participation certificates from CBSE and we congratulate the boys on their achievement.

Harsahib Singh 7-B

Shaurya Bajaj 7-B

Samoel 7-B

Chris Joseph 7-E

Ishaan Srivastava 8-C

Shreyas Deo 8-C

Gauransh Bhardwaj 8-D

Akshat Rauthan 9-D 

Teacher Coordinator :Ms. Aslekha Philips

E. The Swimming Champ of SCS 

On 29th June'21, Rishant Arora of class VI-E was recognised for his outstanding performance in swimming in the year 2018-19 by the Sports department of Delhi. Rishant was awarded a cash amount of Rs. 8000/-. Earlier, in January, he had received a cheque amount of Rs.1,90,000/- at the hands of Honorable Deputy CM Shri Manish Sisodia - under the scheme Play and Progress.

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