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Title : EID-UL-ADHA ASSEMBLY ( 2021-22 )

EID-UL-ADHA, known as the Feast of Sacrifice is one of the most important celebrations in the Muslim calendar.

A special Assembly was conducted on the 20th July 2021 by Sayed Aatif Jamal of class 8-E to mark the occasion. Highlighting the story behind the Muslim festival, Sayed portrayed the importance of this day for Muslims all around the world through a brief narration. 

Followed by the narration, was a short play in which Sayed was joined by his friends- Arib and Nabeera-in order to portray the various celebrations and customs that take place on this day. Through the short skit, in which two friends were seen helping a friend going through financial difficulties; the real essence of the festival being kindness, generosity and sacrifice was hinted at. 

The assembly concluded with Sayed signifying the importance of positive thinking, through the thought of the day.

Shahid Ali
Computer Science Teacher

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