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When it comes to getting in touch with the BODY, MIND and SOUL …. Columbans do it the Yoga way!

International Yoga Day Celebrations in Junior School

International Yoga Day was observed across the globe on June 21st, 2021.
Yoga has always been the Indian way of exercising mindfulness and nowadays amidst the Covid- 19 pandemic it has emerged as a global trend. With the pandemic inflicting suffering and mental health problems, many people have been embracing Yoga to stay healthy and fight isolation and depression.

The St. Columba’s students in the Junior School participated enthusiastically in the Yoga Day event along with their teachers and family members.

The Theme for Yoga Day 2021 was – ‘Yoga for wellbeing’

The students were all geared up in their P.T uniforms early morning. The session started online, with warm up exercises followed by various Yoga postures and exercises. As the boys performed each exercise, the teachers simultaneously explained its importance.

The children enjoyed and learnt the names of the different Asanas. They also performed the breathing exercises with great ease as they have been doing Yoga regularly in their physical education classes. It was a great experience to see all the students participating with such zeal. We also witnessed active participation by many enthusiastic parents and grandparents who performed Yoga Asanas with the children.

Celebration of International Yoga Day in the Junior School through the online medium was yet another reminder for all the students and teachers to incorporate yoga in their daily lives and reap the benefits of good health.

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