Junior School Events Detail

Title : SYMPHONY ( 2021-22 )

“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.” – Pablo Casals

‘Symphony: The Music of Life’, a Western Music event, was conducted online on 2nd August, 2021 in the Junior School. About 60 boys from Classes 1 to 3 enthusiastically participated as they sang melodious songs and recited interesting poetry.  The event served as a reminder of the importance of music and poetry in the academic life of students. 

The aim of ‘Symphony’ was to showcase the musical and poetic talent of our young Columbans. The topics of the event were varied and colourful: happiness, holidays, festivals, taking care of the Earth, family and friends, prayer, good manners, celebrating oneself, etc. The songs and poems displayed the integration of music with different subjects. 

This year’s ‘Symphony’ was special because it paid a tribute to 80 glorious years of our school. We also celebrated and remembered our Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice and his legacy through the language of music and melody. The boys were trained in singing by the Western Music teacher, Mr. Ungshungmi and for speaking and poetry by the Elocution teacher, Mrs. Pooja Guglani.

Our respected Principal, Brother Miranda, and the heads of all the three sections, Mrs. Ritu Kaushal, Mrs. Aparajita Sharma Pal and Mr. Naresh Chopra graced the event with their benign presence. Our esteemed guests and parents were all praise for our budding singers and speakers.

The smiling faces of our young boys and their melodies stole the hearts of all. Our respected Principal, Brother Miranda and the Junior School Headmistress, Mrs Kaushal applauded the efforts of the boys and appreciated the way we remembered and took inspiration from our Founder, Edmund Rice through this musical and poetic celebration.

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