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‘Why do you keep the praises for later, come together to appreciate the change makers'

Teachers’ Day Celebration took place on 3rd September, 2021. The common assembly for all the wings was an amalgamation of gratitude, felicitation and showering love upon the teachers. The assembly included a prayer shloka dedicated to teachers followed by a dramatical representation of the change in the teaching and learning process during the pandemic. The students from junior wing beautifully depicted how teachers have evolved and made themselves tech savvy. 

The day also marked the felicitation of teachers and other staff members who completed 25 years of their service with SCS. Mrs. Vipin, Mrs. Kandhari, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Mathur, Mr. Uday Singh and Mr. Badruddin were honoured and presented a sapling each as a token of appreciation for their relentless service for past 25 years. Beautiful dances, medley of songs and other performances dedicated to teachers lifted the moment. A beautiful padlet wall was also created which had messages from students for their beloved teachers. Mr. Chopra proposed the Vote of Thanks and the assembly ended with each and every teacher feeling proud of their profession.

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