Middle School Events Detail


Brother Meckeogh ( Green ) House , hosted a series of competitions under the event titled “Ground Zero – 21”. The theme of the event was United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7 – Access to Affordable and Clean Energy for All.

This was done, so as to increase awareness about the said goal among the students. The SDG 7 mainly focuses on ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services as well as substantially increasing the share of renewable energy usage in the world. Through the medium of this event, we wanted to highlight the significance, importance and the value of this Goal, especially in today’s world. Around 13 % of the global population still lacks access to modern electricity. It is surprising to note that 3 billion people still rely on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste for several domestic purposes. And as we know, energy is the dominant contributor towards Global Warming, accounting for around 60% of the total Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Please do watch the film created by Captain and his team -Green House.


We organized 11 events which were open to all Middle School students from class 4th to class 10th. It was really heartening to see that we got OVER 100 REGISTRATIONS spread across 11 events.

Following is the list of all the events and the names of the winners:
ROLE IN THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE: Role Play on SDG 7 (Classes 4 & 5)
1st Position – Naweed Afzal 5-D
2nd Position – Faiq Zaidi 5-C
3rd Position – Tiameren Jamir 5-C


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