Special Assembly Detail


On 28th September 2021, the students of Class 2A presented the Morning Online Assembly on the theme ‘Say NO to PLASTIC’. 

The assembly began with the Lord’s Prayer followed by some mind relaxation exercises. A child dressed as the ‘Plastic Monster’ introduced himself with a wicked laugh. He declared how he is constantly polluting the oceans and the land with plastic, converting our Earth from a ‘Green Planet’ to a ‘Plastic Planet’. He proudly announced that plastic is also found in our daily used products like wet tissues and shower gels and stressed on the dangers of single use plastic products.

The creative enactment left all spellbound as it highlighted the ill effects of plastic products on our environment. This was followed by an interesting presentation by the students where they suggested small steps to start the movement against this ‘Plastic Monster’ by reducing plastic usage and recycling old plastic items. The budding ‘FASHIONISTAS’ presented a fashion show in which they showcased recycled products from plastic like plastic bottle piggy banks, dust bins, bags, planters etc. This show titled ‘Fashion with PASSION’ surely inspired one and all to reduce the use of plastic and promote use of alternate items like cloth, paper and jute bags. 

The poem recitation titled, ‘NO TO PLASTIC’ which followed further highlighted the theme of the assembly. 

In the end the students took a PLEDGE to reduce plastic usage thereby promising to put in little efforts to save our planet. Our Headmistress, Mrs Kaushal was quite impressed with the effort of the students and urged all to practice simple steps to reduce usage of plastic. She applauded the concept of the Fashion Show with a ‘TWIST’ and was happy to see the students perform with confidence and aplomb.

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