Workshop Detail


The team of Learning Centre – Ms. Nandita Kalra (Counsellor), Ms Ratika Malhotra (Special Educator) and Mr. Sumit Kumar (Special Educator) conducted a workshop for the parents of kindergarten students of different sections on 16th, 17th and 18th September 2021. The agenda of the workshop was to address the behavioural and academic concerns of the students and to offer practical solutions for those concerns.

The workshop started with Ms. Nandita Kalra explaining the concept of temper tantrums along with its causes and preventions. She explained how some temper tantrums are normal for children of this age and should not be thought of as a problem behaviour always. She spoke in detail about the methods that can be adopted by parents at home to manage and diffuse different temper tantrums thrown by students especially during online classes. 

The workshop was taken forward by Ms Ratika Malhotra who began by engaging the parents in a fun activity to explain to them the relevance of songs for long term memory. She further addressed the issue of lack of concentration and motivation among children during academic classes. She recommended various day to day techniques to be adopted so that children would pay maximum attention during online classes. She also stressed on the need of assigning a study space to the child, sticking to a routine and productively engaging children during break time.

Subsequently, Mr. Sumit Kumar discussed how Mathematics can be taught by engaging children in daily activities like grocery shopping, cooking in the kitchen and climbing up and down the stairs, etc. He gave practical tips to the parents which would help the students retain the mathematical concepts better. 

As James Baldwin once said “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders but they have never failed to imitate them”, the Learning Centre team stressed how good and desirable behaviour can be imbibed by children if the parents portrayed those behaviours themselves.

In the end, questions from the parents were taken by the Learning Centre team. The workshop sessions turned out to be great success among parents and they appreciated the efforts of the team.

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