Special Assembly Detail


“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The students of class 2C showcased PEACE as the central theme of their morning Online Assembly on 12th October, 2021. The assembly commenced with a ‘Thankfulness Prayer’ to our founder, the Blessed Edmund Rice, whose 25th year of Beatification is being celebrated this month.

A Mindful Relaxation session of a few minutes was led by one of the students, followed by a short Skit – ‘The Star Story’. Through this story the students brought out the fact that to be peaceful is a courageous thing to do. The students highlighted that one also needs lots of patience and happiness for true peace.
The melodious rendition of the Song – ‘I’ve got Peace like a River’ with coordinated actions impressed one and all. The students beamed with smiles showing how happy they were in being peaceful.

Thereafter the boys highlighted the fact that whatever happens in one part of the world inevitably affects all in one way or the other, thereby emphasising how we all are connected on this planet. 

The students suggested what we all can done to minimize the impact of the pandemic in our daily lives. A video on ‘Cleanliness around us!’ depicted how each one of us can keep the surroundings clean. The students took a ‘Cleanliness Pledge’ motivating all to do their bit. 

Finally, an interesting quiz was conducted by a student Quiz Master reinforcing the good hygiene practices that are much needed by all of us these days.

The students were greatly motivated by Mrs Kaushal, Junior School Headmistress when she applauded them for their speaking skills, costumes, props as well as execution of the entire assembly. She also urged them to practice the message and values imparted in the assembly in their daily lives.

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