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Reflections by Mrs Mini Kandhari, Librarian, Junior School


A walk down memory lane – 25 glorious years!

I joined this prestigious institute on 3rd July 1996 and have completed 25 glorious years as a faculty member.

It has been my good fortune to be a part of Edmund’s legacy. His teachings have played a formative role in my time at St. Columba’s and have inspired me to walk down in light of compassion and righteousness.

I am ever so thankful to all the Brothers, who have mentored me, especially Brother Parton and Mrs. Ghai, who helped discover my hidden potential, and Brother Miranda and Mrs. Kaushal, who have always trusted me and encouraged me to go that extra mile.

It has been a matter of great pride, to set up the Junior School Library from scratch, using it as a haven for my students, whom I have nurtured and tried my best to turn into budding readers. Their smiles and joy during the storytelling sessions is the biggest reward for me, as a teacher. I strongly believe, reading should not be presented as a chore or duty to students, but as a precious gateway that makes learning across different disciplines possible.

I am truly blessed to have bonded with my co-workers and colleagues over the last 25 years and they are my second family. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their unconditional love and support.

My time here at Columba’s has not just been spent as a faculty member, but also as a confidant and adviser to my dear students, whom I adore.

 The memories and bonds I have made here, will stay with me for a lifetime.

“25 years of being a part of the Columban family, 300 months of countless memories, and 9000 days of lifelong friendships, and still I know, the best is yet to come”

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