Special Assembly Detail


‘Happiness can be found in small things’ – with this thought in mind the students of Class KG-C presented their online morning assembly on Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February, 2022.

The session began with the positive thought followed by the Lord’s Prayer ‘Our Father, who art in heaven…’

The little boys brought smiles on the faces of one and all with their adorable presentation in which they delivered the message that we should enjoy our life by being happy. They shared with the audience that happiness can be found in numerous ways. The students enthusiastically expressed what makes them happy. The melodious song presentation that followed was a musical treat for the audience.

As it was 14th February, and Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around, there was a special message by one of the little Columbans. He explained that ‘To love and be loved is the greatest happiness. The more love you spread, the more happiness you get’.

Later, the boys matched their footsteps on the peppy song ‘If you’re happy and you know it…’
The virtual assembly was much appreciated by our Coordinator, Mrs. Vandana Mehrotra who encouraged the students to work as a team to spread happiness. She emphasised that happiness is all about teamwork, making someone happy, and caring for others.


Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 15 Mar 2022 |