Special Assembly Detail


The tiny tots of KG-E came forward to display their confidence and speaking skills through a wonderful online morning assembly. The theme chosen was – ‘The importance of smiles in our lives’. 

The boys began on a soulful note with the Lord’s Prayer. The peppy beats of the melodious song – ‘Have you got a sunshine smile!’ cheered up one and all. The boys read aloud different quotes on smiles and how important it is to be strong and full of faith at all times. The story of Noah from the Holy Bible was enacted by the boys where the story laid stress on the rainbow which was a sign given to Noah as a promise from God that He will never again destroy mankind with a flood. The assembly culminated with a foot tapping dance performance where the boys grooved to the ‘Rainbow Song’. Our Coordinator, Mrs Vandana Mehrotra applauded the efforts of the boys and delivered a message to smile and stay cheerful always.

Posted By : Columbas Admin | Date : 02 Apr 2022 |