Junior School Events Detail


The aim of a Parent Orientation is to give parents an opportunity to experience and understand the world their child explores in the school.

At St. Columba’s, we completely understand the importance of a child’s growth and the sensitive role of parents along with teachers, wherein we foster the learning of our students through joint efforts of parents, teachers and the school community. Keeping the same in mind, 4 different Parent Orientations were organised for the Junior School classes KG, 1, 2 and 3 at the onset of the new academic session.

The online KG orientation was organised on 26th February 2022 followed by orientations on 4th, 7th and 11th April 2022 for classes 1, 2 and 3, respectively in the ERH. The KG orientation was chaired by our Ex-Principal Brother Miranda who welcomed the parents and introduced them to the school and the management.

During the orientations of classes 1, 2 and 3 held in the ERH, our new Principal, Brother Robert introduced himself and elaborated on the expectations from the students who are joining the session after the pandemic. Mrs Ritu Kaushal, the Headmistress of the Junior School enlightened the parents about the New Education Policy 2020, Early Childhood Care and Education, Foundation Numeracy and Literacy course by CBSE, etc. She also touched upon the three developmental goals to ensure the holistic development of the children. This was followed by showing through a PPT, how each scholastic subject is integrated with the SDGs, value education, EVS, art, music, role play, etc. through hands-on activities and experiential learning in the Junior School.

Our coordinators of classes 1, 2 and 3 shared information about the school infrastructure and the forthcoming events. They also discussed some important tips about getting the boys ready for school, ways to communicate with them, and how to spend quality time with children.

Then the class teachers took charge and shared the expectations they have from the parents. They detailed the topics that will be covered in the coming months and the competencies targeted to be developed by the end of Term 1 in various subjects. The teachers also shared how the Value Education and Catechism classes will help children learn values using stories, hymns, and mindfulness sessions. The parents were apprised about the marking system that will be followed for the coming assessments.

The parents were briefed about the Learning Center by Miss Sonali Jain, the counsellor who discussed the physical, emotional and social challenges anticipated to be faced by the children who are coming to school after the pandemic. She spoke about setting good habits and also gave the parents a to-do list.

Finally, Mrs Ritu Kaushal thanked all the parents for their ongoing support. She expressed that we, in the Junior School are looking forward to working together with the parents so that a smooth transition occurs for our students from home to school. The orientation culminated with Brother Robert and Mrs Ritu Kaushal addressing the queries of the parents.

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