Junior School Events Detail


Reading at an early age not only helps children learn new words and new ways to express themselves but also improves their grammar and teaches new concepts.  This helps them make sense of what they see, hear, and read, which aids their cognitive development.

Stories give an insight into parts of the world that are not yet known to children. Regular and consistent reading helps to improve children’s concentration and fuels their imagination. Characters, situations, settings, and dialogues create a visual impression while reading. This sparks further creativity that may help build other life skills.  Keeping the above points in mind, the students of Class 3 participated in fun-filled reading activities in class during April 2022.
The students selected their favourite stories and books and set out on a beautiful journey to unravel the adventure of reading.


The boys participated in storytelling sessions where they narrated stories through various puppets, props, etc. in the classroom. Some wore masks while others got picture cards and headbands. The students enacted different characters in the stories as well.

They all took part enthusiastically and while enjoying also listened very carefully when the other children were presenting their stories.

These activities boosted their confidence level and engaged them creatively in the classroom. The boys appreciated their classmates and the three best students who spoke really well and used different voice modulations while narrating the story were chosen as the best speakers /storytellers.

As part of the Reading and Speaking class, the teachers would continue to guide and encourage the students to read more and more storybooks and narrate the same to their classmates in the months to come.

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