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Title : SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR ( 2022-23 )

Whether it’s improving cognitive development, building language skills, or enhancing imagination and creativity, reading books is vital for children's holistic development.

When children are exposed to a variety of books, it helps them gain knowledge and at the same time aids them in building their vocabulary, writing, and spelling skills. Reading books also plays a significant role in making the students more articulate conversationalists and effective communicators.

With our firm commitment to promoting and inculcating a lifelong love for books among our students, a book fair by the Scholastic Book Company was organized in the Junior Wing of St. Columba’s School on the 3rd and 4th of May 2022.
Our respected Principal, Brother Robert Fernandes along with the Headmistress of the Junior Wing, Mrs Ritu Kaushal inaugurated the fair. The students were exposed to a wide variety of books ranging from classics to fiction. The Kindergarteners found interesting picture storybooks to initiate them into reading. The fair had a great display of books for young readers and for those who are learning to read. Storybooks with CVC words were a great tool for parents and teachers to inculcate the interest in reading amongst our young learners. The boys had fun looking through various books ranging from science fiction, poetry books, fairy tale books, folklore, etc.


This was our endeavour to help children develop a love for reading from an early stage. As they say, there are many little ways to enlarge a child’s world but the love of books is the best of all.

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