Administrator (Senior School)

National Parents Day

Parents play a dynamic role in the upbringing of a child. A well-nurtured child reflects the image of his parents. Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first. Parents play a pivotal role in their children's life. The parent-child relationship is important because it lays the foundation for the child's personality, life choices, and overall behaviour. Parent's interactions therefore have a huge impact on the child's development. They are the pillars of nourishment, guidance, and love

I truly believe parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every action, word spoken, and expression, has a lasting impact on the child. No outside force has a greater influence on them. A parent thereby acts as a visionary to their children. Parenting is a never-ending skill. It is extremely challenging in these changing times, raising up children and providing them with the right moral values, protection and care to ensure their healthy development takes place, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Every parent tries his best to be an ideal parent to his child; therefore, it becomes extremely important to focus on balancing priorities so that your child at no point of time feels lost, confused or lonely. Parenting and child development are in a symbiotic relationship. Each one mutually benefitting from the other.

As a child develops, the challenges change, and our thinking may evolve, but the approach should be consistent, firm and loving. Parents contribute to the cognitive, socio-cultural, and spiritual development of an individual. Parental values and expertise play a vital role in the healthy upbringing of a child in all these areas. What parents do for their children out of love will always have an indelible remark on the child's life.

In the entire journey of human existence, right from birth to death, it is the selfless love of a parent filled with self-sacrifice, which makes this relationship so unique. Unfortunately, the realization dawns late when they are no more in our life. Learn to appreciate and love them while they are alive, give them their due respect, cherish every moment spent with them, do not forget while you are growing up they too are growing old. Family is where life begins and love never ends. No matter how old a child gets there is nothing more comforting and soothing than their parent's arms.

25th of July, celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July is National Parent's Day. The aim of National Parent's Day is to indorse responsible parenting and encourage positive fortification by parents for children. The same implies to children as well. They need to realize and have a sense of gratitude towards them, for all the sacrifices made and the hardships they have undergone to make them climb ladders of achievement.

Mr. Naresh Chopra
(Senior School Administrator)
St. Columba's School
New Delhi