Administrator (Senior School)

International Day of Peace (United Nations) 21st of September

Peace is such an ambiguous term. We all have a different definition for it. Usually we associate words like non-violence, harmony, tranquility, silence etc. to it. In the past, peace meant a time without wars, fighting, or the threat of violence. Every individual is in search of peace and acquires a different approach or path in attaining it. Peace remains a goal for introspective individuals. The lifelong search for eternal peace challenges us to understand ourselves holistically while helping us to evolve over the years. Once you are mentally and spiritually at peace, you do not waste your time and energy on things that are unimportant or worthless.

People like Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama and to name a few, have been the peace icons of this century. Their selfless lifestyle have been a source of inspiration to many. It was through their work that helped human beings to understand that power of love overcomes the love of power, leading to peace and coherence all over the world. Understanding that peace being the most fundamental aspect of human survival and growth, we come to the realization that peace cannot be kept by force but can be achieved by understanding.

We have been viewing the past developments in Afghanistan, where both peace and justice are increasingly distant goals. It is facing with the legacy of extreme human rights violations committed in the context of more than two decades of armed conflict and which has cast a dark shadow over the peaceful and just co-existence of the people. There are no easy solutions in sight. It needs the support from the international community to develop a coherent vision for sustainable peace, thus ensuring protection of basic freedom and human rights to all Afghans. No former generation has experienced so much of atrocities of what the Afghans are facing today; this constant awareness of terror and tension prevailing needs an awakening call from every individual to ponder of the peace and progress situation existing in this so-called "Modern World".

The United Nations General Assembly established and observed the International Day of Peace on 21st of September 1981. It was for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace. Let us take our pledge today that "Peace begins with me. The peace I seek consciously and consistently, choose peace in my words and actions to bring about progress in my personal life and to the world around me".

Mr. Naresh Chopra
(Senior School Administrator)
St. Columba's School
New Delhi