Class 11 Allocation

Class XI Stream Allocation : 2021


There will be 5 lists allocating students for various subject combinations for class XI as per their choice, the criteria informed to parents and students and according to seat availability. The 1st Allocation List for admission to Class XI will be displayed on the 20th May 2021 at 11.30 am. All parents and students applying for class XI are to view the same at the following link The subsequent lists will be on the 21st, 22nd, 24th and 25th of May. The payment of fees (through Redox) indicates that the student is accepting the admission to class XI, and must be paid by the 5th June (definitely). - Bro Miranda

On 11th June 2021 we will receive requests for change of stream up to 12th June 2021. Consideration of such requests will be done later and will only be given on the basis of merit to those who have applied for change and subject to availability (e.g those students who have not taken admission). Only those students whose names are in first allocation list are eligible for change of stream. The school continues to discourage change of stream at this stage, as allocation was made as per the criteria and preference given by parents and students.

Students who wish to make a further choice of a subject (6th Subject) beyond those for which they have been allotted, may do so, so long as the said subject is among those subjects the school has the permission from CBSE to offer. It must also be in concurrence with CBSE directives as to which combinations of subjects may / may not be taken. Students who wish to do so will need to fill in a form on the 21st June, seeking permission for the same.

The 12 month Tuition fee for class XI, is divided into 10 equal installments to be paid from June 2021 to March 2022. The Tata Class Edge charge (TCE) will also be paid in 10 installments. In the 1st installment the Redox, ID & PTA charges will also be due. To indicate that you are accepting the admission to class XI the fee for June 2021 as given in Redox will need to be paid, online, by the 5th June.

The Class XI (2021-22) academic year will commence on the 10th June with an online Parent-Teacher-Student Orientation at 7pm. Online classes will commence on the 11th June.

First List

Second List

Third List

Fourth List

Fifth List