Headmistress (Junior School)

World Thinking Day

“You were born with the greatest weapon of all in nature - the rational, logical mind.” - these words of Robert Greene made me ponder as I came across this quote the other day. How unique we human beings are in comparison to other animal species in our ability of complex reasoning, use of language, ability to solve difficult problems, and introspection! Our evolved cognitive abilities are some of the many traits that no other creature on Earth can match.

Aristotle called the human race - "Rational Animals" - pursuing knowledge for its own sake. In his words - “We live by art and reasoning!” But does much of what he said still stand true?

It makes me wonder rather baffles me, especially when we have the World Thinking Day round the corner on the 22nd February... have we actually regressed in terms of our ability of introspective thought? Have we discarded our most powerful endowment - the power of reasoning somewhere down the line? With Peace Building as the theme of World Thinking Day-2021, we need to devote more thinking time to it.

Needless to say, peace is much in demand in these times... whether it’s internal mental peace or peace with our neighbours or for that matter peace in terms of appreciating differences; peace is what is profoundly desired.

I always reflect as an educator... how about inculcating the seeds of thinking and reasoning in our young minds... how about encouraging reflection... how about promoting peace and tolerance at the very beginning... how about scaffolding resolutions of conflict... how about sensitising our children about gender equality and mutual respect... We all realise the importance of this and more but how conscientiously we inculcate all this in our children as educators and parents is vital.

Well let’s remind ourselves... and reflect about the pertinent need of doing our bit to reaffirm ourselves as "Rational Animals".

Happy World Thinking Day!

Mrs. Ritu Kaushal
Headmistress, Junior School