Junior School Profile

We at the Junior School of St. Columba’s usher in the students from a diverse cross section of communities of our society into a protected and happy school environment where we strive for a holistic development of our students. Committed to our Founders vision of compassion and service, we strongly rely on forming collaborative partnerships with the parents for ensuring an enriching learning process and growth for our students from classes KG to 3.

In the Junior School a strong emphasis is laid on nurturing the whole child facilitating his social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, creative and physical development. We follow a graded and strategically designed curriculum to meet the expected level of competency in various subjects and life skills. Appropriate use of technology in the form of SMARTBOARDS further accentuates the teaching learning process in the junior school.

Through our various co-curricular activities we lay special emphasis on enhancing the creative abilities of our students and scaffold them in realizing their true potential. Our co-scholastic curriculum proficiently engages our students in the weekly activities of:-

  • Western Music
  • Art and Crafts
  • Indian Music
  • Elocution
  • Library and Reading activities
  • General Knowledge


Sports and fitness forms an integral part of our holistic education experience, comprising of exercise and refinement of both the mind and the body. Training and attaining proficiency in swimming is a part of our weekly sports sessions.

Child Protection

Safeguarding and protecting young children from violence and exploitation is a crucial concern in the junior school. As a part of our curriculum, we incorporate child protection lessons and aspire to create awareness among our students regarding Good Touch and Bad Touch.

Value Education

Value Education and Catechism study form the core of our curriculum. Through our regular assemblies and programs, we provide opportunities to our students to imbibe virtues, values and life skills for positive adaptive behavior. Moral education equips the students with social and relationship skills, intelligences and attitudes to succeed at school and throughout their lives.


The values and behavior skills of punctuality, respect, tolerance, teamwork, following classroom and school rules, taught right from Kindergarten lay a strong foundation in shaping young columbans for a disciplined life ahead.

Outreach Program

Community Outreach forms an intrinsic part of the curriculum at St. Columba’s Junior School. Teaching students to have compassion, empathy and a caring outlook towards the environment and other living beings through stimulating and active experiential activities go a long way in creating conscientious future citizens.

Thus in a warm, secure and nurturing environment, we at the junior school aspire to provide a balanced and holistic education which encompasses stimulation, socialization, participation, acceptance and compassion.