Middle School Profile

The Middle Section of St. Columba’s School has been enriching the lives of its students, their families and the community through dedication to the principles of faith, discipline, service and education.

We provide a safe, positive learning environment that encourages the scholastic achievements of our students through a graded LAST MILE PROGRAM for classes 4 till 10, as well as the development of their spiritual and social lives.


Students participate in a challenging preparatory curriculum from grade 4-10 with ample opportunities for individual attention and personal growth.

The use of advanced technology tools in the classrooms like SMART BOARDS has made the Middle Section a forerunner for modern learning. We encourage critical thinking, practical application and appreciation for arts through:-

  • Accelerated mathematics programs
  • Hands on science labs
  • Weekly Music and Physical Education lessons
  • English Language Lab and Study Centre
  • Astronomy Club
  • Phi Cluster
  • Enrichment Centre
  • Value Education
  • Outreach Programs
  • After school sport straining programs

This well balanced approach to education ensures every student gains the tools necessary to be a success in our fast paced ever changing world.


The precepts of respect, responsibility, persistence and fairness are instilled in our students as part of their education through the system of HOUSES where all activities, competitions are conducted based on points earned by the participants for their respective House. This creates a structured nurturing environment in which they can learn. Adoption of these same principles further prepare them to be come good citizens and co workers in the future.


Through VALUE EDUCATION and CATECHETICS classes students are allowed to build their faith and experience it as a part of their everyday lives.


To be of service means to think of others first and share our God given talents. In the Middle Section we believe teaching our children to practice service is just as important as preparing them to excel in studies. During the irtime in school, our students are given the chance to participate in OUTR EACH PROGRAMS : visiting old age homes, school for the blind, orphanages etc. However they serve, the students selfless effort steach them the innumerable rewards that come from helping someone inneed.

In our mission to inspire encourage and guide our students to be life long learners we guide them to imbibestrong ethics, rational decision making and leadership while being empathetic youngmen with integrity.