Junior School Events


On the 6th of August 2019, the students of Junior Wing witnessed an interesting demonstration on Craft and Origami. The session about paper cutting and craft was conducted by Mr. Surinder Pal during the morning assembly. The students got the opportunity to learn various skills to prepare origami items and use paper cutting techniques to make appealing paper craft articles. Th...

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Title : ASSEMBLY BY CLASS-2E (2019-20)

The students of class 2-E, conducted the morning assembly on Friday, the 2nd of August, 2019. The assembly began on a prayerful note with the students leading all the attendees in the morning prayer. This was followed by a short skit titled, 'Say No To Plastic'. Through this play, the boys drew attention of one and all to the disastrous consequences of plastic usage a...

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Title : MUSIC MATTERS (2019-20)

If English, Math and Science are food for your intellect, than Music satiates your soul. The boys in the Junior School, not only enjoy the music , but it is therapeutic in nature, providing a cathartic effect to pent up emotions. If you are ever passing by, do take a moment to peer in, to hear Mr Ungshungmi strumming his guitar to the melodious singing by the boys.

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On 19th July 2019, class 2-D presented their special assembly on the topic “Making the world a better place “. The world is in dire need of good human beings. So the topic was apt to create awareness among the students about the different virtues they need to practice. The introduction was followed by a prayer which focused on seeking help from the Almighty to be ...

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In the words of Aristotle – “Learning  is not child’s play…! “ However play surely is a lot of learning! The boys of class 2 got the wonderful opportunity to present a short speech about their favourite games in their Elocution classes. Ranging from Football, Chess, Lego, board games to the gripping fever of Cricket, the boys had lots...

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ENGLISH ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY   An English activity related  to the grammar topic - 'NOUNS' was done in  class 3 - C, in which students were given word strips of proper nouns, common nouns and collective nouns. All the word strips were mixed together on the table. They had to find the correct word strips according to the baskets they were holding. T...

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Title : GRAMMARLY YOURS - HINDI (2019-20)

A NOUN,  IT WILL BE.. BUT ONLY  IN HINDI !  Each child, in the class, was given a  piece of paper in the shape of a leaf having pre-written words  in Hindi - a common noun or a proper noun. The word was required to be  pasted on the paper leaves on the  appropriate tree on the chart, classifying each word into common or proper noun. Th...

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ANIMALS AND WHAT THEY EAT THIS LESSON WAS A TREAT !! The students of 2 A had a Think, Pair and Share, and hands on activity in their EVS class. At first, there was a brainstorming session about the various kinds of foods that animals eat. All students had got picture cut outs of different animals. They were told about plant-eating ,meat-eating and animals which eat grai...

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