Dear Columbans,

As I write we are nearing the end of April during which we focus on certain significant themes - World Earth Day, World Book and Copyright day and National Panchayati Raj Day!

The theme of this newsletter is Earth Day - and we have had some momentous programmes - The President of the United States invited world leaders on the 22nd April - Earth Day. The unique feature of this event was that each Country was asked to come with real commitments and not platitudes - wonderful. However, how does it touch us? Can we in our way make a commitment to each of us (as a family group) having a plan to reduce our carbon footprint say, for the coming year. We can log on to the internet - you might try and measure the footprint of your family - a good opportunity to get your family to talk about climate and the impact our daily decisions make on the climate - I suggest you log on to the following link - you will need to think Indian rather than American - for example we are used to thinking in kilometres and in Rupees $1 = Rs.75 - so please change that (or convert rupees to dollars and go ahead). Having done that, we need wonder how to reduce our family’s carbon footprint - you can click onto and there are 7 wonderful suggestions - another chance to have an exciting conversation with the members of your family !

Having these interactions with the members of the family is really possible when the upsurge in covid cases has caused social restrictions and even an earlier summer holiday! So, we do have time to spend with our families. This would really help the environment and climate - remember Greta Thunberg - one does not have to be President Biden to make a difference - making a difference is doing what we can do with our family unit.

I am aware that probably all of us have had the covid situation touch our families. My deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones or those who had to face the anguish of loved ones being seriously ill. I am sure Columbans have been a help to their families in coping during this challenging time. Please remember that you can ask a parent or grandparent to write you a letter of commendation for being a truly great help in the family during these covid times - it must be descriptive - and please do host this certificate on the CRC - the cumulative record card. Certificates can be got from family members! Social outreach begins at home and when we are encouraged to stay at home and reduce the spread of covid, we can be covid warriors at home!

Please do take the opportunity of the holidays to read, to pray, to exercise daily, to pick some new skills - and yes, do keep in touch with what you have learnt so that you don’t forget all you learnt in the months and years before.

This month we welcome a very significant person to St Columba's - Mrs Aparajita Sharma Pal - as Headmistress of the Middle Section of the school. Welcome Maám, and we look forward to the leadership you will bring to the middle section of the school where students spend such significant years of their lives.

My sincere regards to each one of you and every member of your family. Stay safe and stay well.

With every best wish,

Principal, St. Columba’s School