Senior School Events


On the 23rd of April, Team Oculux of the Reboot Society organized a tech-based Treasure Hunt on the school campus. With over 30 participants, this marvelous event commenced with the opening ceremony, including Br. Robert's and Mr. Chopra's welcome address. Teams were assigned distinct locations through an unbiased drawing mechanism. Solving various hints, leads and vi...

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Title : FOOTBALL MATCHES DAY-1 ( 2022-23 )

Today's Interclass Football Matches Results 1st match XII-F VS  XII-E WINNER XII-E SCORE LINE : 2-0 2nd Match XII-D  VS  XII - B WINNER XII-D SCORE LINE : 3-1

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Title : GRADUATION CEREMONY ( 2021-22 )

Chief Organiser         –     Mrs. R. Popli Committee members      –     Mrs. Chauhan, Mrs. Payal, Mr. Vaz, Ms. David,  Mr. Emmanuel, Mr. Singh, Mrs. Khanna, Mrs. Garg, Mrs. Nagpal,  Mr. Fernandes, Mr Joseph The much awaited Graduation Ceremony of the class of 2022 was held on...

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Title : PARENT ORIENTATIONS CLASS 12 ( 2022-23 )


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Title : QUIZ WIZARDS OF COLUMBA’S ( 2021-22 )

Under the guidance of Mr. Ramakant Sharma and leadership of Ansh Gupta, the Environment Awareness & Disaster Management Society (AEDMS) participated in the National School Paryavaran (NSPC) 2022, which is an environment-based quiz competition endorsed by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change: Students who participated: Ansh Gupta...

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A.) Ansh Gupta of class XII -A participated in Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022 Under the guidance of Mrs. Susan John, where he wrote an essay on Environment sustainability, and asked a pertinent question related to student’s role in sustainability. He also secured third position in ICAI wizard quiz organized by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India out of thousands of st...

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Suryansh Govind, class XII-A  participated in the All India Open Fide Chess Tournament on 12 January 2022, organised by Andhra Chess Association and All India Chess Federation.   He also participated in the Assam University International Fide Chess Tournament on 18th and 19th January 2022, organised by All Assam Chess Association and All India Chess Association....

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Title : ENIGMA ( 2021-22 )

The Reboot society of senior school organised a competition called Enigma. Students participated with great enthusiasm. After 36 enthralling hours of researching, critical thinking, and decoding, ENIGMA 2022 comes to a halt. We were marvelled to witness such problem-solving prowess from the participants. As for the most awaited segment of the event, we shall now be declaring...

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