Special Education

Junior School

Middle School

Meeting of Special Educators and Headmistress with cases of academic and behaviour concerns

Date : 25th August 201
Venue : Middle School Library
Attended by : 43 parents

  • The meeting was called by the special educators to interact and pre empt the parents of the those students who have been identified as the “flagged cases of concern” and have shown poor academic and behaviour skills.
  • The meeting was addressed by the Headmistess Mrs S. Sheel where she shared various concerns regarding the poor academic and behaviour performance of these students.
  • She also encouraged the parents to enhnace proactive involvement in their ward’s life and contribute towards his holistic development.
  • The parents were also notified about the need for improvement in the academic performance of these boys in the wake of the forthcoming term examination.
  • It was an interactive session among the team of the Enrichment Centre, Mrs Sheel and the parents.
  • The meeting was an endeavour to sensitize the parents pertaining to the academic and other issues related to their wards.
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Monthly Parent Teacher Meetings

The Enrichment Centre conducts monthly PTMS to regularly interact with the parents of the children under the care of the Special Educators.

Support Structure During Examinations

During the term exams, the children supported by the Enrichment Centre are seated and invigilated by the Special Educators.