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St. Columba's takes pride in celebrating excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities. The students are appreciated for their achievements and encouraged to continue striving for brilliance...

Numerous accolades and honours continue to enrich the Columban legacy which are a testament to the outstanding education imparted in this institution...

From The Principal’s Desk Dear Columbans,

It’s 2021 ! Wishing you a happy New Year ! May all your wishes for 2021 be fulfilled !!!!
That’s what each of us wish for, for everyone! But are our wishes all focused to the same end? Could some of our wishes be the opposite of what others would wish for? How, then, is each of us to get what each of us wants? Could the experience of the years which have passed help us to move ahead with a more united and common view?

Principal, St. Columba’s School

Our Founder St. Columba’s School

Edmund Rice was born in Callan, Co. Kikenny, Ireland in 1762. He belonged to a wealthy farming family. After completing his commercial education, he worked with his uncle in establishing a very incrative ship-chandlers busines. In 1785, he married Mary Elliot. the daughter of a prosperous waterford businessman. In 1789, tragedy struck, his wife died leaving Edmund alone with a disabled daugher....

Edmund Rice
Founder St.Columba’s School

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