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Dear Columbans and well-wishers,

As you begin to read this message, I ask you to be aware of all the good that you receive each day through the ebb and flow of our existence on this beautiful planet. Everything is connected in ways in which we may not be able to explain and this connectedness is key to what transpires in our lives. In the words of the author Paulo Coelho, ‘When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ Here at St. Columba’s, we strive to realise this truth and try to live each day with wonder and gratitude.

The theme we have chosen for ourselves this year is ‘Dream, Believe, Evolve’. We endeavour to use this as a motivation in all that we do during the year. While we never know what the future holds, we still attempt to prepare ourselves for it with hope and determination.

Dreams are the seeds of innovation and progress, igniting the flames of ambition within us. They are the visions that transcend the boundaries of our present, allowing us to imagine a future that is richer, more vibrant, and more fulfilling. Dreams serve as beacons, guiding us towards our aspirations and pushing us beyond our comfort zones.

Belief is the driving force that transforms our dreams into reality. It is the unwavering confidence in our abilities and the conviction that our efforts will yield results. Believing in oneself and one's dreams fosters resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks. When we truly believe in our potential, we can overcome obstacles that might otherwise seem insurmountable.

Evolution is the natural outcome of pursuing our dreams with steadfast belief. As we work towards our goals, we learn, adapt, and grow. The journey towards realizing our dreams is rarely linear; it is marked by twists, turns, and unexpected opportunities. Through these experiences, we evolve not only in terms of our skills and knowledge but also in terms of our character and perspective.

Therefore, here at St. Columba’s, let’s dream of a brighter future, cultivate unwavering belief, and embrace change, as we pave the way for progress not only in our lives but also in the world around us. To dream, believe, and evolve is a testament to the human spirit's potential for growth and transformation. It underscores the power of imagination, self-assurance, and adaptability. I hope that all Columbans continue to be torch bearers of this realization and bring to fruition a school, society, nation, and world, where all live fulfilling and happy lives always.

Sincerely yours,

Br. Robert Fernandes
Principal, St. Columba’s School