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  • Event Date: 02-Jul-2024
  • Updated On: 04-Jul-2024
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Description: The assembly of class 11 E prepared by Mr. Dennis Mathew, began with a prayer for guidance and strength, emphasizing the need for wisdom and compassion. Hamdan shared insights from his visit to Kashmir, highlighting cultural differences in gender interactions. Arnav added his neighbor's story, underscoring lingering patriarchal attitudes. Pranay discussed historical and contemporary issues of gender inequality in India, from political representation to social norms. Saawan called for personal responsibility in fostering gender equality, urging against stereotypes and harmful behaviors. Franklin concluded with Dr. Kalam's words: If India is to become a developed nation there are three things that need to be done - 1.The nation must achieve a GDP of over 10% 2.Schools will have to be giving value-based education (which St Columba’s is already giving) 3.Respect for women. (The moment and the day we start respecting the women and girls around us, nobody would be able to stop us from becoming a developed nation).
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